The Boundary Between Understanding and Condemnation: How to Be An Empath Without Condoning Bad Behaviour

Everyone deserves our compassion, right?

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

We don’t act in a vacuum. We are all influenced by the stories that we carry around with us, the environments we’ve grown up in.

Of course, it was Trump’s platform that allowed him to disseminate his views and get to so many people. S omeone with a smaller platform than the former president may have simply been considered to be exercising “free speech”. When it becomes about inciting people to march on The Capitol, however, that moves from “freedom of speech” to “hate speech”.

They made the choice to take Trump’s words and react in a violent way.

The truth is that it’s extremely likely not everyone at The Capitol that day or rally were protesting with violence or calling for the death of Mike Pence and other lawmakers. We should all have the right to protest peacefully, that is a linchpin of a democratic society.

We empathize and we show compassion, but we also condemn the violent action those people decided to take.

It is okay to say “No” to people’s behaviour.
It is okay for there to be boundaries, even with those you love and empathise with the most.


In conclusion, I believe the most important thing we must remember is that people always have a reason for what they do. We may not know the reason, but there will be a reason.

Wellness podcaster and writer, and manifestation coach. Sharing my journey through life and the bumps along the way! Hoping you’ll come along for the ride!

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