I Was a Body Shamer — How I Changed My Mind About Body Positivity for Weight Loss

This is one of the most shameful blogs I’ve written, but the most important in my weight release journey.

Photo by Hanna Postova on Unsplash

When Manifestation Doesn’t Work

2020 has been a year of transformation for me: I do not recognise the woman I was on 1st January. During this year, I’ve been playing at finding out what food works for my body. I’ve released a bit of weight here and there, but nothing like the amount that I wanted to and felt I needed to for health purposes.

My Body Positivity Judgement

I am part of a coaching programme, and one of the coaches was talking about how she loved her body regardless of her size. It was that comment that made me question whether this could be coming into play for me.

I couldn’t see they were celebrating their bodies — I could only view it as celebrating obesity.

I saw them as celebrating the means by which they had reached that size of body.

I appreciate my tattoo’s beauty as a piece of art, whether I am overweight or normal weight. It simply moves with the weight flow of body.

Of course, we’re all far more than just physical beauty, no matter how much it stays whatever size we are. We all have internal beauty — and that’s not changed at all by our weight. We are more than the number of the scale.

Body Gratitude

It was hard for me to see how much my body was doing for me. My thyroid, for example, that I dissed for being dysfunctional was actually doing the best it could. It couldn’t help being in dis-ease, it was simply a fact that it was in a state of hypothyroidism. It wasn’t to blame for my weight loss — if it had stopped working entirely, the symptoms would have been far worse. My thyroid kept trying hard, despite being thrown off its normal course by things happening within my body.

The Inner Work of Weight Release

No matter how many ‘right’ or aligned things I did to release weight, I wasn’t doing the inner work that weight release requires. I had so much negativity towards my body that it was creating an energy that made me cling on to those extra pounds that I wanted to release.


Body positivity is not about weight. It’s not about what size we are. It’s not about the number on the scale. I think body positivity is about what’s on the inside, as well as what’s on the outside. It’s about being grateful for everything our body does and has, whether inside or outside.

Wellness podcaster and writer, and manifestation coach. Sharing my journey through life and the bumps along the way! Hoping you’ll come along for the ride!

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