It’s so EASY to convince ourselves we can’t ‘move’ forward. But we’re wrong. Every time.

How often do you say, “I am so stuck right now.”

I get it. Sometimes life can feel like you are wading through treacle, feeling like you don’t have enough time, enough money, enough energy to do what you’d like.

It’s really easy to convince ourselves that we are stuck…

Everyone deserves our compassion, right?

I’ve been struggling with something massive of late. It has felt incredibly testing, and yet to some it may seem trivial.

I have struggled with balancing my understanding of, and empathy for, those who chose to storm The Capitol, with my condemnation of their violent, murderous behaviour.

Every person who…

We are never going to share the same opinions with everyone we meet, but how do we find the common ground between us?

It’s time to be more accepting of those who don’t share our opinions. I’m as guilty as anyone else of wanting everyone to think and feel the same way that I do.

But they don’t.
And they never will.

Our job on this planet is almost certainly not to change…

I’m working on trusting MYSELF — here’s why you should be too.

“Well, it could be chickenpox. Or maybe measles. Or smallpox perhaps.”
How much would you trust a doctor who examined a rash and said that?

You’d be hightailing it from their office for a second opinion, right?

And yet this is exactly how we often speak to ourselves.

I want…

Jessica Wilde About Wellbeing

Wellness podcaster and writer, and manifestation coach. Sharing my journey through life and the bumps along the way! Hoping you’ll come along for the ride!

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